• Sustainability at Gaifong

    The heart of what we do.

    Founding Principle

    Even from the very beginning of Gaifong, our central question was: how can we develop a business that is both internally and externally sustainable?


    Science tells us that if we are to keep climate change to a manageable level (no more than 2 degrees hotter than pre-industrial levels), global carbon emissions have to come down from over 70 gigatonnes emitted per year to 20 gigatonnes by 2030 – the earlier the better.


    A warming planet isn't just about warmer summers – it's about protecting entire communities whose livelihoods will be destroyed by rising sea levels. It's about protecting economies downstream from mountain meltwater who will face floods in the short term and drought in the long term. It's about forest fires, extreme storms, collapsing eco-systems, coral bleaching, and much, much more.


    By renting from neighbours more, and reducing our dependence on first-hand consumers goods, we can all lower our indirect carbon emissions for us, and for our families. Together, we have everything we need.

    Carbon neutrality

    By 2019, we aim to turn our internal operations carbon neutral. This starts right at the top from our senior management, and across all functions of the company. We achieve this via a three-step method:


    Measure – Take stock of how much we emit, from data centres to office HVAC

    Reduce – Identify all possible opportunities to reduce our emissions, including team member commutes, HVAC usage, and near-zero landfill commitments
    Offset – What we cannot avoid, we offset by UN Certified Emission Reductions and other commitments.

    Join us

    If you're interested in learning more about our sustainability efforts and would like to spread this to more technology companies in Hong Kong and the Asia-Pacific region, write to elliot@gaifongapp.com.