• Invite Friends

    Earn referral rewards for each friend you invite.

    At Gaifong, we want as many of your friends to join as possible, so that they too can reap the benefits of peer-to-peer rentals. That's why we've added this small incentives for everyone.

    Every time someone joins Gaifong on your referral and rents something, both of you get US$10 credits added to your account! If you rack up enough referrals, your next rental is practically free.

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    Find referral code

    This can be found in the Invite Friends section of the app.


    Pass your code to friends

    Get your friends rent their first item using your code and get US$10 off


    Redeem your referral reward

    Next time you rent something, US$10 will be available for you to use. Tap REDEEM to apply.