• How Gaifong Works

    Follow these steps to get started!

  • Listing an Item


    Snap photo

    Using the app, take a photo of your rental item


    Set your price

    Set your own prices – we recommend around 5% of the item value as the daily rental fee – for example, US$40/day for a digital SLR camera.


    Tell your friends

    Half of all rentals come from friends of friends! Spread the word to nail your first rental. All transactions are protected by Security Deposit, cancellation and refund policies, and our Owner Guarantee.


    Chat & lend out item

    After you accept an incoming request, you can continue to chat with the borrower in a private chatroom. Bring the item to your preferred meet-up point, or have the borrower come pick up at your door.

  • Renting an item


    Search & browse

    Using the app, find the item you need, or Make a Wish to broadcast your needs to people nearby.


    Enter payment details

    All rents and deposits are processed securely by Stripe through a secure connection – we never see or store your payment info.


    Send reservation request

    Request the item you need and wait for the owner's reply. You can cancel up to 24 hours free of charge, so it's a good idea to send 2 to 3 requests to ensure maximum response.


    Chat & pick up

    Once owner accepts, continue to chat in a private chatroom, and pick up the item from the Owner's preferred pick-up point, or the Owner's home.

  • About payments on Gaifong

    All payments on Gaifong are done electronically, much like you would when you book an air ticket or shop online. All sensitive information is handled by Stripe, a secure, PCI-Level 1 (higher rating) payments processing system. Your information never reaches Gaifong's servers, so even if we are hacked (touch wood!), your information is safe.

    On the owner-side, you can choose to receive payments in a multiple number of ways, including PayPal, PayMe, or automatic bank transfer. Rental payments are paid out one day after the rental start date.

    A HK$2,000 Owner Guarantee

    As an Owner, the worst-case scenario is that the Renter steals and runs away with your item, or if there is severe damage. Aside from claiming damages from the Security Deposit, when you rent your item through Gaifong, you will also automatically qualify for a HK$2,000 compensation amount, in addition to the Security Deposit. Such cases are extremely rare, but it's always good to know there's something to fall back to! As Gaifong grows in scale, this Guarantee amount will also likely increase.