• Connecting Neighbours through
    Item Rentals

    Why buy, when neighbours have everything you need?

    With Gaifong, you can easily request and rent items from neighbours – just return when you’re done!

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  • How does it work?

    Gaifong uses a best-in-industry payments system to ensure a safe and reliable rental experience for all.

    1. Browse

    Take your pick!

    Type in what you need ("tripod"), and the app tells you who around you has what you need.

    TIP: Nothing nearby? Send a Wish!

    2. Book and pre-pay

    A Cashless experience

    All payments and Security Deposits are taken care of behind the scenes and are handled by Stripe. Your information never reaches our servers.

    3. Meet Up


    Once the Owner confirms and accepts, you can chat in-app to arrange pick-up. Just pop over after dinner, or meet near your workplace!

    4. Return

    "That was amazing!"

    Bring the item back to your Neighbour on the end date – don't forget to smile! Security deposit gets released automatically, 48 hours after your return.

    5. Spread the word!

    Grow your neighbourhood network

    Use your promo code to refer neighbours to get HK$20/SG$5 off your next rental! Help us grow the community.

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